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About the game

The fact that you are reading these sentences is no mere coincidence, but rather a synchronicity led by the power of your subconscious mind with the desire to develop the hidden abilities of your conscious mind. Coincidences do not in fact exist.

Brief description of the game is a game which first introduces a technique on how to "pick up" or "feel" the information about colours, numbers and geometric shapes that are already part of this reality. Likewise, you can "pick up" or "feel" the colour information, which is not yet part of this reality, but it will become part of the reality in the near future, distant by only a few tens of seconds. It is the frequency of the two colours which trigger these abilities that we possess from the embryonic stage of our existence.

Furthermore, this method will show you how to send an idea ("the energy of information") to another person and how to receive it. Above all, you will learn to turn inward into your heart and observe your inner feelings that are most important for the intuitive and extrasensory perception. In addition, you will also begin to notice your logical mind, how it responds and what thoughts it brings at the moment of decision.

There are set programs inside ourselves from childhood that control our decision-making process. It is  necessary to recognize these programs, understand and gradually learn to eliminate them, because if our decision process is dominated by logic and rationality, our internal intuitive feeling can never break through. At the same time you will learn that when you "want too much" to enforce the intuitive perception, it fails. Vice versa, you will find out that this is possible with a certain "lightness". Likewise, you'll notice that when you score more games in a row and your logic becomes aware of it, you will stop being successful. The logic breaks the strand of your emerging intuition, because it cannot explain where it comes from. Our logic initially prevents the intuitive and extrasensory perception, that’s why at this moment we must be able to turn it off and concentrate on the upcoming sensation, which is precisely what this method-game teaches.

What will the game give you?

  1. It will teach you concentration; how to slow down the flow of ideas and concentrate on just one.
  2. It will teach you to track and properly understand your inner feelings at the moment of decision making.
  3. The ability to make the right decisions in life.
  4. You will learn how to change negative memories into positive convictions.
  5. Confidence in your own feelings and hidden internal capabilities.
  6. To consult your inner soul; where the ideas and feelings come from.
  7. The ability to perceive and understand reality from multiple angles.
  8. It will force your logical mind to work together in harmony with your emotional mind and not compete with it.
  9. You will start to receive responses from your heart and you will begin to discover the best path for your development.
  10. It will show you a way for further development of your mental abilities...

The most important point in this game-method is the following: when you ask yourself for something you cannot perceive with your senses, you have to follow your inner feelings because intuitive and extrasensory information comes to us in the form of an idea through our brains, and with an internal feeling in our hearts that "it is so." The inner feeling that "it is so" gradually becomes so strong that the logical and rational mind is incapable of any debate about it. You will begin to understand all of this much better the moment you start playing

Brief history

The method of the development of intuitive and extrasensory perception is based on information discovered and investigated by the intelligence services of Western and Eastern blocs during the "Cold War" in the early 1970s, when these armed forces were confronted with the innate ability of some individuals to telepathically "pick up" information locked in underground vaults thousands of kilometres away. The results of the research and practice confirmed that these skills can be developed by training. It was discovered that a trained human brain is able to "pick up" information in some specific ways without the use of the five senses and also to transmit it telepathically to another brain.

What exactly is intuitive and extrasensory perception?

It is the ability of the human conscious and subconscious mind to receive the energy of information we cannot see, hear, touch, taste and smell. We simply cannot perceive it through our five senses, because it remains hidden to them. Our ability of the intuitive and extrasensory perception allows us to perceive the energy of information that is outside our current space-time. That means information that is currently hidden away from us, information that is hidden in the past and even in the near future.

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